Aeroconís modular auxiliary fuel systems are an easy way to extend the range of your aircraft. A wide variety of configurations are available to match your operational requirements. With an extremely low 0.99 lbs installed weight per gallon of fuel carried, Aeroconís systems provide an optimal balance between fuel capacity and system weight.

The Aerocon system is designed for easy installation, operation, and maintenance, with state-of-the art electronics and robust manufacturing principles. And, like every product we sell, itís backed by Aeroconís uncompromising commitment to technical excellence and customer support throughout the aircraft life cycle.


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System Features
  • Capacity per customer requirement
  • Modular design allows for future expansion
  • Utilizes existing aircraft fueling/defueling system Ė only minor changes to operating procedures.
  • Automatic 'set and forget' operation with manual override
  • Fuel transfers automatically until the tank system is empty
  • Fuel quantity is incorporated into existing fuel quantity management (FQMS) displays
Lighter Weight
  • 0.99 Lbs Weight per Gallon of Fuel Estimated (vs 1.67-2.0 Lbs for Box Tank)

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Robust Design
  • Welded dual-wall construction is inherently less leaky and stronger than honeycomb box tank
  • Cylindrical shape is better suited to pressurization than box shape
  • Tank design validated on numerous aircraft types
  • No Fuel Odor in Cabin
  • State of the art automated cabin pressure isolation valve system prevents fuel vapor odor from entering the cabin while preserving the fuel economy gains of using cabin differential pressure as a tank pressurization source
  • Additional fail-safe check valves
  • Isolation valve system provides a positive seal and is more reliable than a check valve alone.

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Easier to Maintain
  • Fuel system components are external to the tanks. No access panels required for wet inspections!
  • Level sensors are the only components located inside the tanks
  • More access space around tank connections due to the cylindrical shape
  • Installation optimized for each aircraft type
  • Aeroconís design concept is tailored to the specific operational and physical space requirements of the intended platform, yet modular enough to provide additional expansion, satisfying a wide range of customer requirements.
Easy to Transport
  • Tank modules are designed to interface with standard aircraft cargo handling systems, making them easy to transport to/from a field location
System Operation
3D Animation showing typical operation of the Aerocon Auxiliary Fuel System.
System Schematic
Typical system schematic, showing interface, control and sensor points.
Comparison to Other Systems
A comparison of the Aerocon Auxiliary Fuel System to the typical properties of other types of systems. (767 shown for reference, other aircraft models similar)
Modular Tank Unit
Description of the typical elements of a cylindrical tank module. (767 shown for reference, other aircraft models similar)
Fueling System
  • Forward or Aft Cargo Bay locations available
  • Modular Tank System Ė Multiple tanks operate as a single unit
  • Integrated into existing aircraft fueling system
  • Utilizes existing fuel/defuel points
  • Autonomous operation
  • Uses cabin differential pressure as primary tank pressurization source for fuel economy
  • Uses bleed air as a backup pressure source
Flight Deck Interface
  • Aux Fuel Control Panel monitors and operates the system.
  • Transfer of fuel is automatic when system is active, but can be manually stopped.
  • Aux Fuel quantity is incorporated into existing Fuel Quantity Management System (FQMS)
Light Weight
  • 0.99 Lbs System Weight per Gallon of Fuel Carried
  • (1.67-2.00 lbs for box/conformal tank systems)
No Fuel Odor in Cabin
  • Automatic cabin pressure isolation valve system prevents fuel vapors from entering the cabin when differential pressure is used as the pressurization source.
  • Valve system provides positive, monitored closure to ensure proper operation.
  • Additional fail-safe check valve provides redundancy
SFAR-88 Compliant
  • Aeroconís system complies with all requirements with SFAR-88, including proper wire separation, ignition source elimination, and inspection